Clownin’ Around !!!

I missed my weekly update last week, sorry. What a week?????? Maybe it was the time change or the ‘super’ moon….I don’t know but we were completely out of schedule, we all trouble sleeping and the whole family is on edge.

Anyway, now to what I really wanted to talk about. Today, Cadence had an apprentice clown visit her preschool (how cool is that!) She is 7 years old and is learning to become a clown.

I didn’t even know that existed. Of course, Cady see, Cady do, so…….

But a simple painted face is never enough……

Goofy faces are definitely her specialty, I think she gets that from her dad.But even that was not enough……

There had to be a costume involved as well. So here she is Happy Clown Witch Cadence!

The fun around here just goes on and on.

Here’s to another excellent week of fun, friends and family.

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