Back Again!!!!

Well, life has been busy but I really want to give this blog thing a shot. It has recently come to my attention that the blog is all about Cadence, so I am also going to try and include a little more about the rest of the family.

Cadence was at Nana and Grampa’s house for three days, so Devon decided to take Thursday and Friday off of work. He thought he was going to start the process of getting power to the garage but that seemed to be a very complicated job that would require input from many other people, so……..he built a retaining wall for our garden.

The first step to our lovely garden!

And because that wasn’t enough accomplishment for on weekend on Saturday we ripped the plant out of our patio, finally!

Now we need to fill a hole, any ideas?

It was a great weekend but we need to go back to work to recover.

We also got a great opportunity to see Kendall and Nicole, they recently got engage in Bali. After seeing all of their beautiful photos all I can say is……I need a vacation. Preferably somewhere warm and beautiful.

Here’s to a great week and …….

GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!