The Greenways

A quirky family filled with love.

Follow us on our journey, as we find happiness and love!

The Greenways

In a nutshell!

We are a small family of three surrounded by a bigger group of family and friends. There two furry family members that remind us daily who runs the house. We pride ourselves on loving unconditionally and accepting people for who they are.

We have a love of the outdoors, crossfit, crafts, cooking, baking, circus, biking and reading. Our house is our happy place and is in constant renovation and re-organization.


When he’s not at his computer you might find him biking or having a beer with friends. Crossfit is his true sport of choice


She is a crafty one…..meaning she likes to makes to crafts. When she isn’t knitting, sewing, painting or baking, you can find her at the Crossfit gym.


Stretchy and bendy, she is a girl of many talents. Circus is her happy place but you can find her at the Crossfit gym too! She loves to bake, read, sew and draw.