Orca Invitational

This past weekend Cadence participated in her first gymnastics competition in Duncan.  She did very well and is happy with her performance.  I will try to post updates here after her future competitions.  Next up is here in Victoria, over the May long weekend.  Here are a couple of photos and some videos of her performances.

Warming Up

Beam Routine

Floor Routine

Bars Routine


Completion Medal and event ribbons

Back Again!!!!

Well, life has been busy but I really want to give this blog thing a shot. It has recently come to my attention that the blog is all about Cadence, so I am also going to try and include a little more about the rest of the family.

Cadence was at Nana and Grampa’s house for three days, so Devon decided to take Thursday and Friday off of work. He thought he was going to start the process of getting power to the garage but that seemed to be a very complicated job that would require input from many other people, so……..he built a retaining wall for our garden.

The first step to our lovely garden!

And because that wasn’t enough accomplishment for on weekend on Saturday we ripped the plant out of our patio, finally!

Now we need to fill a hole, any ideas?

It was a great weekend but we need to go back to work to recover.

We also got a great opportunity to see Kendall and Nicole, they recently got engage in Bali. After seeing all of their beautiful photos all I can say is……I need a vacation. Preferably somewhere warm and beautiful.

Here’s to a great week and …….

GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clownin’ Around !!!

I missed my weekly update last week, sorry. What a week?????? Maybe it was the time change or the ‘super’ moon….I don’t know but we were completely out of schedule, we all trouble sleeping and the whole family is on edge.

Anyway, now to what I really wanted to talk about. Today, Cadence had an apprentice clown visit her preschool (how cool is that!) She is 7 years old and is learning to become a clown.

I didn’t even know that existed. Of course, Cady see, Cady do, so…….

But a simple painted face is never enough……

Goofy faces are definitely her specialty, I think she gets that from her dad.But even that was not enough……

There had to be a costume involved as well. So here she is Happy Clown Witch Cadence!

The fun around here just goes on and on.

Here’s to another excellent week of fun, friends and family.

The Crazy Forts!!!!

Well a few weeks ago Toy R Us had a sale and we picked up something I have wanted to buy for awhile, Crazy Forts. I know some of you out there are saying, “we used furniture and cushions to make forts”. Well just like computers, someone figured out how to make forts better! It was a great purchase considering the weather this weekend. It is by far the most played with toy in this house right now.

Basically it is poles and plastic balls that work together to make a life size structure (if your 3 feet tall). Then you throw a sheet over the whole thing and you have a fort.

As Cadence so aptly pointed out, our fort could have used another sheet but that didn’t seem to stop her from enjoying it.

What a great way to enjoy a rainy weekend. By Saturday evening she had every blanket and pillow in her room in the fort. Then we had to have books and babies to keep us busy. All I can say is that it was definitely made for little people, my back will be paying the price for the next week or so.

Other than a fun weekend, nothing much to report. On to another week of fun and hilarity.

Oh by the way Devon and I watched Death at a Funeral the original movie (available on Netflix) and it was just as hilarious as I remembered! I would be tempted to watch the British version before you jump into the new American version.


Another week in the bag!

Wow! We knew it was going to be an adjustment when I went back to work, but holy moly! The weekends just seem to fly by with barely a moment to sit down and relax. The good news is that swim lessons are just about over, so no more Tuesday evening activities.

Our darling daughter that does nothing but dance most of the time has decided that she no longer wishes to attend the actual dance class. Three weeks running we are all excited about going to dance on Saturday morning, she rushes into the studio, and as soon as the music starts she runs to the window and gives the me the caged animal look. Every weekend she tells us that she wants to go and how much she loves it. Then tears and drama unfold on the hardwood in the studio.

Seriously this is the girl who danced through Disneyland!!!!

Anyway, I think we just need to back off on the activities and have some more at home time. Besides the weather is finally getting better and that means garden time. Cady and I were out playing hockey on the driveway yesterday and I could hardly believe that this is what it looked like less than 2 weeks ago……

Well, it probably time to hit the hay for me. Our new schedule means up at 6:30am to get ready before the wee one gets up. Here’s to another great week, I just wish they would slow down a bit!


I am taking over this blog!!

I thought with all of my free time, and having just started a new job, adiposity I would begin blogging. I have been thinking about doing this for some time now and I have made a few changes to the site. I hope to post all of the activity going on around our house. I will post photos from time to time (as soon as I figure out how to do that) and give you links to stuff that I find and love. This marks a new page in my book as I become a blogger, but for now I need to have a shower and go to bed!