Another week in the bag!

Wow! We knew it was going to be an adjustment when I went back to work, but holy moly! The weekends just seem to fly by with barely a moment to sit down and relax. The good news is that swim lessons are just about over, so no more Tuesday evening activities.

Our darling daughter that does nothing but dance most of the time has decided that she no longer wishes to attend the actual dance class. Three weeks running we are all excited about going to dance on Saturday morning, she rushes into the studio, and as soon as the music starts she runs to the window and gives the me the caged animal look. Every weekend she tells us that she wants to go and how much she loves it. Then tears and drama unfold on the hardwood in the studio.

Seriously this is the girl who danced through Disneyland!!!!

Anyway, I think we just need to back off on the activities and have some more at home time. Besides the weather is finally getting better and that means garden time. Cady and I were out playing hockey on the driveway yesterday and I could hardly believe that this is what it looked like less than 2 weeks ago……

Well, it probably time to hit the hay for me. Our new schedule means up at 6:30am to get ready before the wee one gets up. Here’s to another great week, I just wish they would slow down a bit!


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