The Crazy Forts!!!!

Well a few weeks ago Toy R Us had a sale and we picked up something I have wanted to buy for awhile, Crazy Forts. I know some of you out there are saying, “we used furniture and cushions to make forts”. Well just like computers, someone figured out how to make forts better! It was a great purchase considering the weather this weekend. It is by far the most played with toy in this house right now.

Basically it is poles and plastic balls that work together to make a life size structure (if your 3 feet tall). Then you throw a sheet over the whole thing and you have a fort.

As Cadence so aptly pointed out, our fort could have used another sheet but that didn’t seem to stop her from enjoying it.

What a great way to enjoy a rainy weekend. By Saturday evening she had every blanket and pillow in her room in the fort. Then we had to have books and babies to keep us busy. All I can say is that it was definitely made for little people, my back will be paying the price for the next week or so.

Other than a fun weekend, nothing much to report. On to another week of fun and hilarity.

Oh by the way Devon and I watched Death at a Funeral the original movie (available on Netflix) and it was just as hilarious as I remembered! I would be tempted to watch the British version before you jump into the new American version.


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